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  1. We prove it!  30% disocunt on all purchases, compared to fixed price vendors like, Cardinal Health, Henry Schein, McKesson, etc!   
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  1. Operational & RX and Physican Office Inventory on your terms!
  2. Manage inventory - anywhere!
  3. Large order discounts with small order purchases!

TEST US!      NDC#   72275-0701-77 PRILOVIX - PRIMARY PHA  $300.00

1315-25   Isovue 300 30ml Bottle - Box /10    Box $325.25   26% Savings 

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Administrative Dashboard - Query at a Glance!


  1. Specialty Drugs Health and Medical Inventory for Hospitals and doctors Offices!
  2. Track your order...Real-time! 
  3. Specialty doctors tracking
  4. Pharmacy Reports/Quote Requests!
  5. Purchased Orders/Favorites one click! 
  6. Credit Management & Budget Review!

Purchasing Dashboards - Real Time Data 24/7


  1. Multiple (800) Manufacture Query!
  2. Multi-Unit Office/Pharmacies in your Que - No problem! 
  3. Favorites - will auto share alerts to product and inventories to you!
  4. Real-Time Savings/Best Pricing! 
  5. Forecasting, open orders data!

DS Medical  works for your business!

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  • Over 500 + items in our portals.
  • VAWD  Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor! 

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