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We built a PROACTIVE PATIENT ENGAGEMENT  program to grow your practice, medical group, and hospital patient care program.  In the field of CMS and CCM, VBurchett consulting provides an integrated and automated patient  platform.   We are the only company to achieve this goal for Medicare and commercial insurances!   

Also, integrated into the platform is a fully functioning telemedicine/unified communications technology with over 19 million users worldwide and a virtual call center of certified behavior change specialists.  We have the only fully integrated proactive CMS engagement platform. It includes remote patient monitoring united with most EMR’s including Cerner and Epic. Dynamic regulatory compliant plans for behavioral health, chronic conditions management, transitional care, and annual wellness visits.  

An integrated, fully unified, end to end solution that includes:

● Unified Communications

● Chronic Care Management

● Implementation

● Remote Patient Monitoring

● Full Patient Engagement Center

● Systems Integration

● Consultancy


At VBurchett Center, we have a virtual call center with trained Behavior Change Specialists able to accommodate patients and clients across the required continuum of care with an aging population. Services include 24/7 Nurse Triage, telemedicine, chronic conditions management, remote patient monitoring with alert validation/escalation   

Product/Services/Value - "ALL INSURANCE"


1. RPM,CCM,TCM,BHI etc. are bundled under one shared fee  (monthly) to physician per patient.  The practice or hospital makes thousands $$$ per month and WE take care of the patient"s needs, wants, and desires!.   Your MACRA score stays high and the income stay higher!!

2. Platform is completely integrated between all services to all EMR’s

3. No additional RPM monitoring fees (industry standard ranges from $35 + up per patient, per month)

4. Patient Engagement Centers staffed with certified Behavior Change Specialists trained specifically to use the platform and drive engagement on all programs enhancing the physician’s revenue stream (CCM, Complex, BHI, and Transitional etc.)

5. Ease of billing using one unified platform.

6. Over 19 million users of the Telemedicine/UC technology worldwide

7. RPM integrated with Epic, Cerner and care plans


1. Doctors - Increased Revenue $$$$ Stream

Increase MIP’s/MACRA Scores and revenue may double, via Medicare.

○ Patient Satisfaction/Market Share

○ Reduction in Re-admissions

○ Patient Compliance/Ease of Use

2. Patient

Better Care and Health Outcomes

○ Coordination of Care across the Care Continuum

○ Increased Engagement and Quality of Life

3. Distribution Channel

Identifies Medical Necessity Generating Ancillary Services

○ Increased Revenue

○ 3 year agreement - industry norm is two

○ Data Repository to Create Industry Best Practices  


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better patient care for the PATIENT?

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